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 Galls found elsewhere in the UK not recorded in Hainault Forest

GROUND IVY Leaf gall  Agent: Liposthenes glechomae A gall wasp. Leaf and stem (centre) galls. Hargreaves Scout camp site, Hainault Road, Little Heath, Essex. 14th June 2011







RED VALERIAN Leaf roll gall on leaves. A plant louse. Trioza centranthi.

London Borough of Redbridge. South Essex VC18

16th April 2016.

Neuroterus tricolor Sexual generation. Agent: Gall Wasp. Photo: Eddie Barber May 2012. Henshears farm, Roborough., near Plymouth. Uncommon. Determined by Jerry Bowdrey, Gall recorder, Essex Field Club.

COWBERRY Leaf gall  Agent: Exobasidium myrtilli  A fungus.  Shores of Loch Garten, RSPB Reserve, Inverness-shire.  Photo: 3rd August 2005.

BIRD CHERRY Pocket plum galls. Agent: Taphrina pruni. A fungus.

Kincraig. Perthshire. Photo: 9th July 2007.

BIRD CHERRY Raised pustules.  Agent: Eriophyes padi  A mite.  

Near Rothiemurchus Visitor Centre,

Inverness-shire, Scotland. Photograph 2nd August 2005

ROWAN Leaflet galls.  Agent: Gymnosporangium cornutum  A rust fungus.  Kincraig, Inverness-shire, Scotland.  Photo: 31st July 2005

DOUGLAS FIR Needle gall.  Agent: Adelges piceae An aphid.  Oxton, The Borders. 

Photograph 17th August 2005

DOUGLAS FIR  Bases of needles swollen.

Agent: Adelges cooleyi. An aphid. Oxton, The Borders.       Photo: 9th July 2007.


Agent: Oligotrophus juniperinus.  

A midge.  Oxton, The Borders, Scotland. 

Photo: 9th July 2007.

WHITE CLOVER  Pod gall on leaflets 

Agent: Dasineura trifolii - A midge

Broxbourne Woods, Herts.  14th July 2005

DOWNY BIRCH Bulge gall. White erineum on underside. Agent: Acalitus rudis   A mite.

Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland.  Photograph 8th August 2005.

SILVER BIRCH Hemispherical gall.

 Agent: Cecidophyopsis betulae. A midge.

Speyside. 30th June 2007.

DOWNY BIRCH Circular blister on both sides of leaf. Agent: Anisostephus betulinus 

A midge.  Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland. Photograph 8th August 2005.

BEECH Vein galls

Agent: Aceria nervisequus. A mite. 

Erineum is white, then pink or brown later.

 Oxton, The Borders, Photo: 17th August 05.

SILVER BIRCH  Galls along midrib  Agent: Aculus leionotus - A mite

Broxbourne Woods, Hertfordshire  14th July 2005

 Detail of underside of leaf shown right.  Hairs of erineum reddish brown.

COPPER BEECH Erineum between veins.

Agent: Aceria fagineus - A mite.

Copped Hall, Essex.  15th July 2007

Iris Newbery.

RED OAK Blister galls

Agent: Taphrina caerulescens - A fungus

Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey, July 2001


Agent: Janetiella frankumi - A Gall midge

Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, 22 June 1998.

RED CURRANT Raised patches on leaf.

Agent: Cryptomyzus ribis - A mite

RHS Gardens Wisley  May 2002.

BLACKBERRY Old stem gall.

Agent: Diastrophus rubi a gall wasp.

Amwell, Herts. 7th Feb 2008.

PEAR  Pustules on leaf.

Agent: Eriophyes pyri - A mite

Langdon Hills, Laindon, Essex.  June 2002.


Agent: Pontania collactanea. A sawfly.

Sutherland. 28th June 2007.


Agent: Rabdophaga salicis. A midge.

Sutherland. 28th June 2007.

THYME Hairy rosette of leaves.

Agent: Aceria thomasi - A mite

Oxton, The Borders,  9th June 2007.

SALLOW Hairy Pea Gall

Agent: Pontania pedunculi - A Sawfly

Langdon Hills, Laindon, Essex. September 2000

SALLOW  Camellia or Rosette gall

Agent: Rabdophaga cinerearum - a Midge

Grays Chalk Pit, Essex. June 2000

SALLOW Pea gall

Agent: Pontania viminalis - A Sawfly

Fairlop Waters, Essex. 31st August 2005


 Leaf curl downwards, both margins.

Agent: Rabdophaga marginemtorquens -

 A Midge  August 2001.


Yellow pustules on leaf

Agent: Eriophyes tetanothorax - A Mite.

Grays Chalk Pit, Essex. June 2000

YEW Artichoke gall

Agent: Taxomia taxi - A Midge

Lord's Bushes, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. March 2000

EARED WILLOW Camellia or rosette gall

Agent:  Rabdophaga cinerearum - A midge

Tobermory, Isle of Mull. 8th August 2005


Agent: Not determined

Tobermory, Isle of Mull. 8th August 2005

WHITE WILLOW Rounded pustules

Agent: Aculus tetanothrix - A Mite

Fairlop Waters, Essex. 31st August 2005

ASH - Circular blister

Agent: Dasineura fraxinea - A Midge

The larvae have departed the dark brown galls.

Oxton, The Borders, Scotland. July 2002

ASH Midrib gall

Agent: Aceria fraxinivorus - A Mite

Unusual on midrib, generally on keys.

River Chelmer, Essex. July 2002

YARROW Pea Gall on stem of inflorescence

Agent: Rhopalomyia millefolii - A Midge.

Islay, Inner Hebrides, August 1989

DOGWOOD Rivet gall

Agent: Craneiobia corni - A Midge

Grays Chalk Pit, Essex.  August 2000.

DOGWOOD Rivet gall

Side view of leaf.

Grays Chalk Pit, Essex. August 2000

BAY Leaf roll gall

Agent: Trioza alacris - A fly.

Clayhall, Ilford, Essex. October 2000

ALDER Tongue gall on female catkins. Agent: Taphrina alni - a fungus.

Lunderston Bay, near Inverkip, Firth of Clyde, Scotland. 24th August 2010

ALDER Blister gall 

Agent: Eriophyes brevitarsus 

A mite.  Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Photograph: 8th August 2005


Agent: Eriophyes laevis - A mite

Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Photo: 8 August 05.


Agent: Puccinia smyrnii - a Rust fungus

Hastings, East Sussex. June 2001

COMMON STINGING NETTLE  Agent: Puccinia urticata. A rust fungus.

Sutherland. 29th June 2007.


Agent: Albugo candida - A white rust.

Clatterford End, Fyfield, Essex. Oct. 2001

SPEEDWELL Hairy gall

Agent: Jaapiella veronicae - A Midge

Langdon Hills,  Essex. September 2001

Close up of Jaapiella veronicae.

Photo: Edwin Barber  10th Oct. 2007

PITTOSPORUM Yellow swellings on leaf

Agent: Trioza vitreoradiata - A fly.

Bryher, Scilly Islands. July 1995


Agent: Eriophyes viburni - a mite

Grays Chalk Pit, Essex. August 2000

CATS-EAR Stem galls

Agent: Phanacis hypochoeridis - A wasp

County Durham, July 1992

Detail of stem galls on Cats-ear.

BROOM Stem gall

Agent: Aceria genistae - A Mite

 Ilford, Essex. April 2002

MUGWORT Red pustules on leaves

Agent: Aceria artemisiae - A mite

Fishers Green, Essex. July 2002


Agent: Geocrypta galii - A Midge

 Swanage, Dorset. July 1978

CREEPING CINQUEFOIL Galls on aerial stems. Agent: Xestophanes potentillae - a gall wasp.  Dale Fort, Pembs.  June 1978.


Agent: Trachyspora intrusa - a rust fungus.

Broadford, Isle of Skye. May 1993.

COMMON MALLOW  Leaf and petiole galls 

Agent: Puccinia malvacearum  A rust fungus.   28th Sept 2006. Roding Valley, Clayhall, Essex.

PERSICARIA Leaf roll galls

Agent: Wachtliella persicariae  - A midge.

Davy Down, Essex. August 2001

WINTER ACONITE Pustules on bracts

Agent: Urocystis eranthidis - Smut fungus

Ilford, Essex. February 2002

TOWN HALL CLOCK Rust gall on stem and leaf. Agent: Puccinia adoxae - A Rust

Blake's Wood, Danbury, Essex. May 2002.

MEADOWSWEET Red pustules on leaf

Agent: Dasineura ulmariae - A midge

Roding Valley Meadows, Essex. August 2000

MEADOWSWEET Yellow pimple

Agent: Dasineura pustulans - A Midge

Roding Valley Meadows, Essex. August 2000

WALNUT Bulge on leaf

Agent:  Aceria erineus - A Mite

Edinburgh Zoo, 3rd July 2007

COMMON LIME Inner and outer galls on upper surface of leaf.  Agent: Didymomyia tiliacea - A midge  The cylindrical inner gall falls out leaving the outer gall.  Far right shows the galls on the underside of the leaf. Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex. 12 August 2010 

HAY SCENTED BUCKLER FERN Mop head galls. Agent: Chirosia betuleti - A fly

Colonsay, Inner Hebrides, June 1998.