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Orienteering in Hainault Forest Country Park


Orienteering  involves  using a  map to find  your own way across the countryside from one check point to another. Its a  great way to explore  the outdoors. You can try  orienteering in

Checkpoint post 6

Hainault Forest Country Park where there is a permanent course set-up. On a permanent course fixed wooden posts mark the checkpoints to be found. The maps are large scale, printed in colour and specially drawn for orienteering with the checkpoints already marked.

Once you have picked up a map then off you go in your own time. There are 26 control points in Hainault, some are easy to find on paths, others are more difficult and involve going off paths into the forest. But you don’t have to find them all at once. There are suggested courses depending upon how far you want to go and the degree of difficulty you prefer.

The Hainault Forest Country Park orienteering maps are available from the visitor centre or countryside office during normal opening hours and cost £1.

The Hainault course has been set-up by the local “Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club”. There are also permanent orienteering courses in other local forests.

For more information about orienteering in the area see the club website


or  contact Ray Weekes 020 8530 3011.





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Sunday 1 April 2012

Hainault Forest Country Park


Get active this Spring in an environment that is more stimulating than the gym! Orienteering involves navigating your way around a pre-determined course using a map. You can run or walk and take part individually or in small groups. In Redbridge, most orienteering events are held in country parks with events organized by Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club ("CHIG") whose members come from an area ranging from Stratford and Ilford to the south of Epping Forest to Harlow in the north. Beginners are welcome, and some of our coaches intend to attend and will be happy to help beginners. Of  the available “colour-coded” courses, we would recommend a White or Yellow course for junior beginners (depending on age) and Yellow or Orange for most adult beginners. The Light Green course may suit a more adventurous adult beginner or one who has done map reading and/or running previously.

In Summer 2012, CHIG will hold a training programme over 8 weekday evenings suitable for beginners.

For further details of the training course or to find out more about the event at Hainault

email club@chig.org.uk