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A WOODLAND TRUST Event held in Hainault Forest on 12th August 2003



Foxes frolicking

Deer dipping

Bats bouncing

Cats climbing

Humans hunting them all down

                                                                        Bethan Thomas



Autumn leaf

   A leaf I was

   Upon a time

   Swaying happily in the breeze.

   Autumn came, and I turned brown,

   And watched friends fluttering down.

   At last it came my time was up

   As the trapped sunlight crept across the forest floor

   Like a stick thrown for a gaming pup.

   Twisting, turning, fell through the forests hidden doors.

   The majestic canopy above me,

   As I sailed through the air,

   At last my journey really over as the ground I sighted

   And came to rest by my brothers and sisters, reunited.



Forest Birds

    Swooping, flying in the air

    Hovering, diving around somewhere

    Birds soaring

    The wild wind roaring

    Flap flap all day

    They roar roar

    Asking for more

    Birds are flapping

    Their wings are clapping

    Flap, flap away.

    Elouise Farley






Beech Tree

I was a beautiful beech tree until

I got chopped down and made into

An ugly figure, everyone looked at me

But now everyone just passes me by, like

I am not even there

I hate being me now.


                                           Michael Steven     


A Day in the Forest

Trees sway gently in the summer breeze

Different shades of green on leaves

Clinging on branches like magpies to silver

On the ground the green leaves dither

Butterflies hover above the ground

Chasing each other round and round

Crispy brown leaves have fallen down

Dark is coming hardly a sound


                        Jessica Murray (11 years old)


The Lucky Stone

I see colours everywhere,

The stone is black like human hair,

The stone has many lines and streaks,

Some people say that this stone reeks.

I found this stone here in the forest,

This stone of mine will be with me all of the time,

This stone of mine will shine through time.


Leila Dyer  (11)       


Forest Life

In the daytime so silent

At night when things come out

It becomes so violent


Light and shade fall on the ground

They look like leopard spots all around


Brown and green leaves

Rustling in the breeze


In the daytime so silent

At night when things come out

It becomes so violent


                                 Mishah Skerritt



Weeping Willow

       He stands by the river

       Dipping his fingers in the water

       His head scraping the sky

       His roots stuck in the river bank with mortar


       Standing cars fill the park

       Boys climb on his branches

       His arms swish in the breeze

       His trunk bends in an arch


       His gnarled bark is rough

       Birds rest in his hair

       As the sun opens down

       Little animals stay near to him


       As morning comes birds tweet jovially

       The river glistens and sparkles

       Weeping willow stands solemnly

       As more vehicles fill the car park




See-saws, butter

Lilies, raining beams of light

From the sun!! Nests

Butterflies fluttering

Squirrels rummaging for nuts

Rustling fallen leaves

Beasts sneaking around for refuge

And food!!      


                                     Bethan Thomas        


Two butterflies and a Fox

     Fluttering without a care in the world

     Chasing each other, creating a slight breeze

     Swirling and twirling through the twisted trees

     Two butterflies, don't hurt them please.


     A sly and cunning animal

     Creeps silent but aware

     Of others nearby

     Who could give him a scare

     A fox is in the hedgerow

     Don't let him see you stare


Rose Bickerstuff  


Old Oak Lady

     Old lady oak sits on the dead still ground

     Her naked frosted branches with emotional sound

     Her worst enemy, man of the land

     Comes unwelcome with his hard hand


     He chopped her down in one big blow

     And made her into, we don't know.