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Bird Checklist by Mike Dennis (2003)

Little Owl fledgling at Hainault Lodge. Photo Francis Castro


B Breeding
fb Former or occasional breeding
R Resident
W Winter
P Passage
V Vagrant-regular
v. Vagrant < 5 records

Numbers indicate approximate numbers of breeding territories, excluding very common or occasional breeding species


Little Grebe  V

Great Crested Grebe B (2)

Cormorant R

Grey Heron

Mute Swan B (1)

Berwick's Swan v

Pink-footed Goose v

White-fronted Goose W

Greylag Goose

Canada Goose B (7)

(Barnacle Goose v)

Brent Goose V

Egyptian Goose v

Shelduck V

Mandarin W

Widgeon W

Gadwall W

Teal W

Mallard B

Pintail v

Shoveler W

Pochard fb W

Tufted Duck BW

Goldeneye v

Smew v

Red-breasted Merganser v

Goosander W

Ruddy Duck W

Honey Buzzard v

Marsh Harrier v

Hen Harrier v

Sparrowhawk B (4)

Common Buzzard V

Kestrel B (2)

Merlin V

Hobby B

Peregrine V

Red-legged Partridge B

Grey Partridge fb

(Quail v?)

Pheasant B

Water Rail v

Moorhen B

Coot B

Oystercatcher v

Stone Curlew v

Little Ringed Plover v

Ringed Plover V

Golden Plover W

Grey Plover v

Lapwing BWP

Dunlin v

Jack Snipe v

Snipe PW

Woodcock fbW

Robin. Photo: Iris Newbery


Black-tailed Godwit v

Bar-tailed Godwit v

Whimbrel v

Curlew v

Redshank V

Greenshank v

Green Sandpiper V

Common Sandpiper P

Mediterranean Gull v

Little Gull v

Black-headed Gull PW

Common Gull PW

Lesser Black-backed Gull PW

Herring Gull PW

(Yellow-legged Gull P)

Greater Black-backed Gull PW

Common Tern fbP

Arctic Tern v

Little Tern v

Black Tern v

Rock (Feral) Pigeon B

Stock Dove B (14)

Woodpigeon B

Collared Dove B

Turtle Dove B (1)

Ring necked Parakeet v

Cuckoo B (2)

Barn Owl fb

Little Owl RB

Tawny Owl RB (7 8)

Short-eared Owl v

Nightjar v

Swift P

Kingfisher W

Wryneck v

Hoopoe v

Green Woodpecker B (15)

Greater Spotted Woodpecker B (25)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker B (4)

Woodlark vfb

Skylark B

Sand Martin P

Swallow BP

Red rumped Swallow v

House Martin P

Tree Pipit fbP

Meadow Pipit BPW (3)

Rock Pipit v

Water Pipit v

Yellow Wagtail fbP

Grey Wagtail BWP

Pied Wagtail BWP

(White Wagtail) P

Waxwing VW

Wren RB

Dunnock BR

Robin BR

Nightingale B (1 2 )

Black Redstart v

Redstart fbP

Whinchat P

Stonechat v

Wheatear P

Ring Ouzel P

Blackbird R

Fieldfare PW

Song Thrush RB

Redwing PW

Mistle Thrush RB

Grasshopper Warbler fbP

Sedge Warbler P

Reed Warbler fbP

Lesser Whitethroat B (4)

Whitethroat B (25)

Garden Warbler B (17)

Blackcap BPw (100)

Yellow browed Warbler v

Wood Warbler fbP

Chiffchaff BPW (32)

Willow Warbler BP (24)

Goldcrest BPW (3)

Firecrest fbPW

Spotted Flycatcher BP (3)

Pied Flycatcher P

Long-tailed Tit RB (30)

Marsh Tit RB (3)

Willow Tit fbv

Coal Tit RB (15)

Blue Tit RB

Great Tit RB

Nuthatch RB (4)

Treecreeper RB (14)

Golden Oriole v

Red backed Shrike fbv

Great Grey Shrike v

Jay RB

Magpie RB

Jackdaw RBW

Rook fbW

Carrion Crow RBW

Starling RBW

House Sparrow RBW

Tree Sparrow fbV

Chaffinch RBW (40)

Brambling WP

Greenfinch RBWP

Goldfinch RBWP

Siskin P

Linnet RBWP

Lesser Redpoll fb WP

Mealy Redpoll WP

Arctic Redpoll v

Common Crossbill P

Bullfinch R

Hawfinch fbPW

Yellowhammer B

Reed Bunting fbPW

Corn Bunting BW



Muscovy Duck

Australian Shelduck

Spur-winged Plover



Sadly Mike Dennis died in August 2006 aged 57 His funeral was held at Corpus Christi, Collier Row on 22nd August where there was a great gathering of family, friends, colleagues and pupils from Mawney Road School where he had taught for many years, and was much respected for his teaching skills and enthusiasm. His interests were varied and included music, and he was involved in serving and reading at Corpus Christi Church. He was an avid birdwatcher and he had amassed data going back forty years. His data helped the RSPB in acquiring Rainham Marsh as a Reserve and his patch included Havering, Hainault Forest and Fairlop Waters.  See Obituary.