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January 2017

‘Once-in-a-lifetime’ lottery grant to preserve Hainault Forest Country Park for future generations

Hainault Forest Country Park has been awarded £4.5million by the Heritage Lottery Fund. A further £1.25m will be invested by Redbridge Council, with a further £250,000 from Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure. The funding will improve the overall condition of the much-loved woodland, protecting threatened species and habitats and creating a range of new activities, including conservation management, animal husbandry and fruit-harvesting. This is great news - a glance at the following pictures will show what a great place this is, and it's rich biodiversity.

Last sunshine of the old year........
Colin Caron captures the final sunshine of the old year
January Moods............

Grey day at the Lake 1st January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott

Willows in fog with frozen lake. 23rd January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott

January 3rd 2017 and the lake has a thin covering of ice, as the temperatures fall below zero. Pictured here are Canada geese, and Mallard pairs (the drakes have green heads). Photo © Raymond Small.

Crystalline, hoar frost on vegetation. Photo © Michael Trump  22nd January 2017

Full Moon over Romford Road, from New North Road towards Chigwell Row. Photographed from Foxburrow Road. 0625am GMT. 13th January 2017.

Photo © Raymond Small

Full Moon reflection over the Lake. 0714am GMT. 13th January 2017. Photo © Raymond Small.

Light snowfall on the Golf course 13th January 2017. Photo © Colin Carron

Moon falling down behind Lake at 0730am.GMT. on 13th January 2017 which also shows a light covering of snow which fell the previous evening.
Photo © Raymond Small.

On a cold crisp night the crescent Moon and the planet Venus were close together at 5.29pm GMT 2nd January 2017 in the SW sky. 

Photo © Brian Ecott.

Frozen grassland with the Lake in the distance.  23rd January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott.

Lengthening days...........  

Catkins (male flowers) of Hazel - 12 cm in length, and female flowers - 6 mm. Right are the female flowers enlarged, nd on which the pollen from the catkins will alight. The pollen is dispersed by the wind, and will develop  into Hazelnuts in the autumn. 25th January 2017 in the Hazel copse. Scan © Brian Ecott.



Bracket fungus Chondostereum purpureum on hawthorn behind the café 30th December 2016 and on rotting log near lake 9th Jan '17 Photos © Brian Ecott

Poplar bells Schizophyllum amplum 9th January 2017 on the underside of a rotting branch of Grey poplar near the lake.

Raymond Small made this unusual discovery of Poplar Bells growing on Willow 17th January 2017 by the Lake. Photo © Brian Ecott

Yellow brain fungus Tremella mesenterica on old rose stem. 23rd January '17. Photo © Brian Ecott

Lumpy bracket Trametes gibbosa on cut Hornbeam stump. Cavills walk, Lambourne Wood. 24th Jnuary 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott.

Flat oysterling Crepidotus applanatus on rotting elder log. 1-2cms across. Underside reveals split gills and a rudimentary stem. 3rd January 2017

 Photos © Brian Ecott

Witches butter Exidia glandulosa on oak branch, Hainault Lodge Local Nature Reserve.  27th January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott. White  brain Exidia thuretiana is a tiny (1 cm) jelly-like fungus on rotten beech in the woodland behind the café 31st December 2016 © Brian Ecott
White rot Phellinus contiguus spotted on an oak branch by Raymond Small on 19th January 2017. The larger patch was 3cm across.  Thanks  to Tony of NaturePlus at the Natural History Museum for the ID..  Scan © Brian Ecott. The Deceiver Laccaria laccata. In the secondary woodland near the lake. The fibrous stem and the unequal gills help identify this species. 30th January '17. Photo © Brian Ecott.

Bleeding oak crust fungus Stereum gausapatum on oak log. The lower picture shows "blood" exuding from the fungus when cut with a penknife.

Photos © Raymond Small  7th January 2017..


Springy Turf moss Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus forms large swathes in short grassland on the top and slopes of Hoghill.14th Jan 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott

Grey cushion moss Grimmia pulvinata on rotting trunk. The spore capsules bend in to the plant. The leaf blade is drawn out into a long hair giving the plant a grey appearance. 6th January 2017.  Photo © Brian Ecott Wood bristle moss Orthotrichium affine on tree branch. 16th January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott
 Scan of thin oak branch showing black fruiting bodies of  Lecidella elaeochroma. The light brown fruiting bodies are  Lecanora chlarotera..
 Raymond has captured the texture and colour of this leafy lichen perfectly. Melanelixia subaurifera [synonym Parmelia subaurifera] is growing with other lichens on an oak branch. 21st January 2017. Photo © Raymond Small. Lichen Hypogymnia physodes on oak branch in plantation area, near the Lake. 25th January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott
The story of Laetisaria unfolds................

My chance discovery of the pink coloured Laetisaria on the lichen Physcia tenella reported in last January 2016 Diary page and the discovery of a report in an American Journal led to it's confirmation as the first report of it in the UK., thus "Putting Hainault on the Map" .The story is in Academia  under Powell M (2016) British Wildlife.
Nature Detective..........

One of six piles of rose hips hidden under a dog rose bush near the lake. The fact that there is small mammal poo present, the rose hip seeds are open and little of the flesh has been eaten indicates this is a feeding site for a Wood mouse. 14th January 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott.

This is a Song thrushes anvil. The thrush brings the snails and smashes the shells on an old green bottle releasing a tasty morsel. This thrush has been collecting Brown-lipped Banded snails. Cepaea nemoralis. The two shells centre and top centre are showing the brown lip. 30th January 2017.              Photo © Brian Ecott

Water fowl................

Tufted ducks, male and female, Several pairs have been present on the lake for a few months now. These are diving ducks. Photos © Colin Caron


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Three Huskies and one Malamute cross (left) with a Shih-Tzu. Part of a group of Northern breeds which visited on 31st December 2016. © Brian Ecott.
And finally...............

This old gilled fungus face on decaying oak reminded Lynda Johnson of someone. Thanks to her for the location on Cabin Hill.  Possibly old Oak Maze gill Daedalea quercina. Who does it remind you of? 10th Jan 2017. Photo © Brian Ecott