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Chigwell Row Recreation Ground Ponds


Left: OS Map (1898) of Chigwell Row showing Chigwell Row Pond opposite the Chigwell Row Free Church Chapel, and a second pond  in the woodland of the Chigwell Row Recreation Ground.












39375 Recreation ground, Chigwell Row.  Postcard c1905 Unused, Publisher not stated. Close up of girls standing on the edge of pond


Similar view as postcard above. Summer 2013  All Saints, Chigwell Row can be seen through the trees.

 Winter view of Chigwell Recreation Ground Pond 9th March 2014.  There has been much clearance by EFDC Country Care.




Chigwell Row Recreation Ground Pond.

Another view.

A pond dipping platform has been built, and from it is a view of Chigwell Row's oldest Church.

The Chigwell Row United Reform Church, formerly known as Chigwell Row United Free Church was built in 1804. There was an earlier non-conformist church here prior to 1804.


9th March 2014.

WATER SCORPION Nepa cinerea. A  leaf-like, flat bug 30mm long. Two front legs adapted for grasping prey from which it sucks juices. The "sting-like" appendage at the rear is in fact a breathing tube which it uses like a snorkel. Photo: May 1971.  Chigwell Row Pond.

WATER SOLDIER Stratiotes aloides. A floating plant, but most of it submerged. Closely related to Frogbit. An introduced species found in Chigwell Row Recreation Ground Pond where it dominates. Photo: July 2005. Ivy-leaved duckweed present - see below.


Generally floats just below the surface. Has stalks. Common in Sheepwater and Chigwell Row Recreation Ground Pond. Photo: July 2005.




A tiny floating plant comprising a frond and single root. Fronds between 1-7mm. Common in all the forest ponds. A flowering plant although this rarely happens.  Photo: July 2005.



Deeper into the Recreation Ground woodland is another pond. At present covered in Duckweed.  9th March 2014