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   Lost Ponds of Hainault Forest


Bomb Crater Pond

Created by a V2 rocket on the 12th March 1945, the Bomb Crater pond has of recent years become a temporary pond or vernal pool which dries out in the summer or autumn and sometimes may prevent tadpoles completing their life cycle. 7th June 2013.

3rd January 2014
March 2014     
Mandarin duck resting on coppiced willows which is located right of centre in the above picture.

Frogspawn rarely hatches here.

The area of the bomb crater pond and seat is dedicated as above.

To get to the Bomb crater pond take the footpath diagonally across the Common from the Chigwell Row Primary School, enter the path (usually very muddy) through the woodland and the pond is on your left after about 300 yards. On the map the footpath is a dotted line and the pond marked in blue by the 85m. contour.

The Celebrated Carp Pond, Chigwell Row


The Celebrated Carp Pond attached to "The Maypole Inn" Chigwell Row. Postcard issued 1904 - 1910

Proprietor J. Hickling.  Photo by F. Badkin

Site of Foxburrows Farm Pond

The Foxburrows farm pond was opposite the Farm house - just visible in the trees (later demolished to build football changing rooms). The pond is mid right in the photograph and shows the bush lined ditch carrying overflow to the lake (top of picture).
Site of Foxburrows Farm Pond from the old changing rooms. The pond had previously been drained, but the pipes had become silted and full of tree roots so that the staff had to unblock the drains which was a major task. The dark green tree on the left is a Holm oak, still present today. The JCB digger is in the yellow livery of the GLC and stands alongside the 2nd car park. The seat on the right of the picture is still in position.

John Lebeau and other Forest workers clean and re-lay the drains. c1970

5th May 2011
3rd January 2014

Ethelstone's "Lost" Pond

Part of L.C.C's "Map of Hainhault Forest in 1908"  showing the site of Ethelstone's Pond.

Picture of the same area on the map left showing tufts of Juncus sp. 

The area is very wet for the whole year. 12th Feb 2011. See also below.

The path from Latchford meadow in 2014 is now dry. Thanks to The Woodland Trust a hoggin path has replaced the former muddy path and drainage of  Ethelstone's lost pond (scrubby area on right of path) is now via a culvert.

 Lord's Old Pond aka Hoghill Pond 


The above shows the LCC Map of Hainhault Forest 1908 showing fields marked Lords Pond Fields and the newly created Lake. 

The present day photograph shows the approximate position of Lords Old Pond (also known as Hog Hill Pond) below the outfall of the Lake.

Chapman and Andre's map of 1777 shows the pond referred to as Hog Hill Pond which on later maps is Lords Old Pond. An aerial view of the site of Lords Pond. Below the Lake is a rectangular area which hasn't been planted in rows. A drain from the lake flows through a culvert and is the beginning of Seven Kings Water

One of several old willows on the edge of the site of Lord's Old Pond. 2nd January 2015. Photo Michael Rumble

This area is always wet and there are several old gnarled Crack willows hidden here with an old gnarled webmaster for scale!