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Other insects

Dermaptera EARWIGS

The Common European earwig Forficula auricularia found under a sycamore leaf.  It is a vegetarian and often found in trees. The rounded shape of its pincers (cerci) indicate that it is a male. Female cerci are straighter.

7th October 2010


SNAKE FLY  Raphidia sp. Female on Three cornered leek on Hog Hill

Photo: 29th April 2007


ALDERFLY Sialis lutaria  Roes Well 13th May 2006

Ephemeroptera MAYFLIES

MAYFLY Ephemera vulgata Hainault Lake  4th July 2000.

MAYFLY Larva  Note three bristle tails and gills along the abdomen. Found in Sheepwater 20th July 2004


SCORPION FLY Panorpa sp. male. The male's tail is turned up like a scorpions. On nettle, harmless. May 05.

SCORPION FLY Panorpa sp. female. Photo Michael Rumble

21st June 2012 on bramble




Left: Male SCORPION FLY with close up of tail tip inset.14th June 2013.

Photo Michael Rumble