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Written, Designed and with Photographs by Brian Ecott

The Modern Forest


Essex Kite Group in Hainault Forest


" I went to the Doctors the other morning and asked what was good for the wind. He gave me a kite."   Les Dawson

One Sky

One World

Yearly on the second Sunday of October.

"The purpose of One Sky One World, is simply to promote the concept of global harmony and understanding between all peoples of the world through an expression of the universality of kites and the wind."  Essex Kite Group at Hainault 14th October 2012






Courtney launches his newly built kite on 22nd April 2012

 in celebration of the birth of his grandson Orion.







Wasp invasion


Ernie's maiden flight of his frog over the lake  21st February 2012

Ernie's maiden flight of his parrot 21st April 2012

Flying fish with parasitic fish attached 8th March 2011


Donald duck



Hitchcock's "The Birds"


Ernie, John, Colin, and Courtney


3rd June 2013

Jamaican spirit kite 5th January 2014