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Postcards from the Forest

Stapleford Abbotts











Stapleford Abbots

Publisher unknown

Postage mark: Stapleford Tawney 6.45pm AUG 28 1910

Edward VII  Halfpenny Light green.


Rabbits Road,

Stapleford Abbots


Postmark damaged but looks like 1907

Stamp torn off.

No publisher stated.


Close up (left) of the people in Rabbits Road.



Stapleford Abbotts

No publisher


Brick post-box by telegraph pole denotes where the post office was.

It lay further back from the road at the time.





Postmark of above card:


George VI Halfpenny



Stapleford Abbotts 140742

No publisher stated

Posted Romford15th July 1935

George V Silver Jubilee 1p. red stamp




St. Mary's Church, Stapleford Abbotts. 119050

Publisher: The Bell Series, Leigh on Sea

Undated, Unused




        119051 St. Mary's Church, Stapleford Abbotts.

                            Publisher: Bell, Leigh-on-sea

                                Undated and unposted

      Similar view to the one below but earlier as the ivy hasn't

                                   covered the Church



Stapleford Abbotts Church

No date, unused.

Publisher no stated


Passingford Bridge near Abridge

Posted: Stapleford Tawney/Romford,  August 24th 1904

Edward VII Halfpenny turquoise.

Published by Chas Riggs, Abridge.




Passingford Bridge 182

Undated, unposted.

No publisher given.

Similar view to the above.


Passingford Bridge 45515

Posted: Epping 13th July 1915 George V Halfpenny

No publisher given.