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Postcards from the Forest

Lambourne End 

Beehive Inn, Hainault Forest  1908

'Maryland' Series  A. J. G., London E.  

Postmark illegible.

Posted with Edward VII Halfpenny stamp light green

Beehive Hotel, Hainault Forest

 Posted December 05 Edw.VII  halfpenny light green

No publisher given




Beehive Hotel, Hainault Forest, Lambourne End, Essex.

J. J. Edwards, Proprietor.

Two children at upper windows.

Undated and unused.



Beehive Hotel Hainault Forest

Posted May 2 1908 Edward VII Halfpenny Light green.

No publisher

Below: Details of Visitors

71778 The "Beehive" Hainault Forest.

Possibly a later photo of the above. Note the tree on the left has been pruned and also note the ivy covered walls and the early motorcycle and sidecar parked alongside.

Wicker sidecar and possibly Triumph h  c1914-1920.


No.1950 The Beehive, Lambourne End, E.

Card dated 1.10.(19)13

Postage: George V halfpenny

Publisher unknown but there is an inscription on the photograph which appears to be E. J & H Clarke. E. Finchley




The Beehive, Lambourne End. 563

Undated, no publisher, Not posted.

Probably contemporary with card below.



CGR.21F The Beehive, Chigwell Row.

Published by Frith's Series, Reigate.

Undated but posted 29 August 1978




Forest Lodge, Lambourne End

Undated, No publisher given




St Mary's Lambourne

Unused, undated.

No publisher.




St Mary's Lambourne

Unused, undated but see card below.

No publisher.



Lambourne Church

Posted: Woodford January 30th 1911

Edw. VII Halfpenny green.

"Maryland" series. A.J.G., London, E.

Almost identical view to the above card.


Lambourne Church, Abridge.

Published by A.B.Davis Ltd. Epping and Loughton

Posted: Epping, January 3 1909

Edward VII Light green halfpenny stamp.


Lambourne Church

Posted: Abridge 7th August 1921

George V Three halfpence brown. (In use 1921-22)

 - soon reduced to one penny postage due to unpopularity.

Publisher: H. Wood, Post Office, Abridge.




Lambourne Church near Abridge

Publisher C.N.

Undated, unposted

Lambourne Church Nr. Abridge

Posted May 22nd 1904 Edward VII Turquoise

Publisher C. Riggs, Abridge.

Lambourne Church

Posted: Romford & Dagenham, Essex. 12 May 1969

Postage: Eliz II 4d. Concorde stamp (issued 3 March 1969)



128916 St Mary & All Saints, Lambourne

No publisher details

Unused and undated

A pencilled note on the reverse is a date April 24th 1936



45547 Lambourne Church

No publisher given

Undated and unposted

Earlier than the above card.


Interior Lambourne Church

Undated and unused.

Published by H. Wood, Post Office, Abridge

RA series. The seal of Artistic British Excellence.

Printed in England

45546 Lambourne Church.  Undated and Not posted. No publisher given.

"Our Member." Col. M. Lockwood

Posted:  Hounslow 24th Dec 1904

Edward VII Halfpenny, Turquoise


Published by Chas. Riggs, Abridge


Lieutenant-Colonel Amelius Richard Mark Lockwood, 1st Baron Lambourne PC, GCVO, JP, DL.   (17 August 1847 - 26 December 1928) was a British soldier and politician  Lord Lambourne, resided at Bishops Hall, Lambourne.

and represented Epping in Parliament 1892-1917.



Bishop's Hall. Lambourne

Unused and Undated

No publisher stated.

Early 1900's




Bishop's Hall, Lambourne, Essex

Published by Tolson, Chigwell Row

Unused and Undated.

Later than the above picture.


Bishops Hall, Lambourne

(Garden side - according to correspondent)

Publisher: Epping Stationery Stores. No. 57.

Posted Abridge JA 22 year indecipherable.

Edw VII Light green halfpenny stamp

issued Nov 1904 - 1910

The Lodge, Bishops Hall, Lambourne Essex

Posted May 12 1909 Edward VII Halfpenny Light green

Publisher: Tolson, Chigwell Row

Turnours Hall, Lambourne, Essex.

Published by H. Clinch, Post Office  Chigwell Row, Essex.

Postage Edw.VII d Light green

Basingstoke 12.15pm. AP 21 (19)10