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Photographs and Postcards from the Forest


My childhood memories of colds and flu in the forties and fifties was horrible red medicines for colds and chest problems and the smell of eucalyptus oil or Vick on my pillow or vest. The first chemist in New North Road Hainault was Wathens (8 Station Parade) followed by Mr Hooker (208 New North Road) same place but renumbered. Dr Gilchrist was the doctor at 2 Fencepiece Road while Dr A. Findlay was away on War Service.

Postmark Woodford Green, Essex. 11 APR 1963

Postage: Elizabeth II Freedom from Hunger Campaign 2d.

Cranley Commercial Calendars Ltd., Ilford Essex.





Hainault Postcard

Unused, but similar vintage as above (1960's)

Publisher; Cranley Commercial Calendars Ltd. Ilford, Essex.



The Hermit, Hainault Forest

Unused. Undated. [Before 1904]

Publisher: H. Clinch, Post Office, Chigwell Row


See also William Bell, Hermit of Hainault Forest





"The Poachers" Hainault Forest, Barkingside.


Edward VII Halfpenny light green

Postmark 10.45pm MR 30 (19)09

Place possibly (Il)ford or (Rom)ford

Publisher: J P I series.




Left: A "Style" much in favour at Hainault Forest. I've tried it.

undated, but early 1900's.  Unused. Publisher: Birn Bros of London 2403 series. Printed in Saxony


Middle: Much too busy to write beyond "Hainault Forest agrees with me."

undated, but early 1900's.  Unused  Publisher: Birn Bros of London 2403 series. Printed in Saxony


Right: Time seems to fly at Hainault Forest - come and test it.

Undated but posted Manor Park 1914  Postage George V Halfpenny'

Publisher: Birn Bros of London 2403 series. Printed in Saxony.

Also right: Reverse of this card.

 Left: The Magic Pool Hainhault Forest. Undated, unused.  The Essex Artistic Series No.1723  published by Jeffries & Co. Goodmayes, Essex.

Right: A Rest by the Way Hainhault Forest.  Undated, unused. The Essex Artistic Series No. 1696 published by Jeffries & Co. Goodmayes, Essex.

Above card "A Rest on the Way" has the note printed here concerning Alfred Greenwood killed in 1942 in WW2.





Taylor's Plain Hainhault Forest

The Essex Artistic Series No. 1007

 Written on 29.11.15 but not sent

by post


Publisher not stated but part of a series

   by Jeffries & Co. Goodmayes, Essex,


No. 1955 Hainault Forest, Essex

Posted Chigwell Row, 24th July 1914 George V Halfpenny Green.

Publisher: E.J. & H Clarke, East Finchley


Message: Dear Jim, We are here. We had a ripping ride.

Off to have some fun now. Flo.


Stamp in this position. Diagonal face up - A kiss


A Gipsy Camp, Hainault Forest

Postcard by A.B.Davis, Ltd. Epping and Loughton No. 9.











Detail of Gypsy family enlarged from the above.

Posted 4pm DE 24 03 Epping

Edward VII d turquoise stamp

Gipsy Encampment, Hainault Forest.

Postmark: Chigwell Rd. July 3 (19)06.

Postage: Edward VII Halfpenny Light green stamp

Publisher unknown, but may be H.Clinch, PO. Chigwell Row.





Hainault Forest 71771

No publisher given except no. 797

Undated and unused.




Hainault Forest, Chigwell Row

No publisher,

Undated and unused



Cabin Plain, Hainault Forest, Essex.

Card published by

M. Tolson, The Village Rest, Chigwell Row, Essex.

Undated but postal rate at this time was d inland


The Common Gorse Ulex europaea is flowering and the plain appears scrubby


Hainault Forest

Unused, publisher unknown.

Probably 1920-5

The farmhouse and buildings are in the background.

The inflow hedgerow is centre left.

Right centre is a small part of the island.




Hainault Forest B16

Undated, unposted

Published by Cranley Commercial Calendars Ltd., Ilford




                     CGR 60 The Lake, Hainault, Forest, Chigwell Row.

                                         Publisher:  A Frith Card.

                           Posted 21st July 1969 Ilford and Barking

                                      Elizabeth II 4d stamp


           This is an unusual photograph showing the waterfall and the outfall stream


The Lake, Hainault Forest, Chigwell Row.

Unused card.

The tower of All Saints can be seen in the background of open fields.

A man stands at the outflow of the lake and is enlarged here. The Lake and planting was completed in 1910 so that the picture could date about 1920-5

Could this be the Ice Cream seller or Hokey Pokey man?




The Lake, Chigwell Row  167  Unused card, publisher unknown.  Probably same date as above1920-25. Close up of the figures at the outflow.


The Lake, Hainault Forest     8.7

Coloured and Sepia

Published by Cranley Commercial Calendars, Ilford, Essex.

Two boys in school caps and short trousers. Possibly 1950's



    CGR 30F The Lake in the Forest, Chigwell Row.

                    Publisher: Frith Series, Reigate

                 Posted Woodford Green 3rd July 1967

                     Postage 3d. Elizabeth II stamp



The Lake, Hainault Forest, Chigwell Row

Unused and undated but c 1958

Publisher: Frith CGR 10

Scan with thanks to Raymond Small





A Glade in Hainault Forest

Card: J. B. L. Series.

Postmarked 10.45PM DE 24 06 Ilford. Stamp: Edward VII Half Penny Light green stamp

The addressee is Master H Wood at Caley Farm Cottage, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.



                  116260 Hainault Forest Chigwell

                                  Publisher unknown

                              Undated and not posted.







Coloured card posted Ilford and Barking

14th June 1967

Stamp removed




Coloured and Sepia Cards


Publisher: Cranley Commercial Calendars,

Ilford, Essex.

A view in Hainault Forest


Published by M. Tolson, Chigwell Row.

Postmarked Manor Park. 8pm April 13 1911.

Edward VII d light green stamp



Many of the Hornbeam pollards shown in the background of the photograph above appear to have been pollarded c25 years earlier.

Hainault Forest, Chigwell Row. 116256.

George V 2x Half penny stamps. Postmarks Woodford Green, Essex. 10.15am  31 May 33. Stamps in this position can mean "Write soon"




Hog Hill, Hainault

No publisher except no. 7354

Undated and unused.



Chigwell Row, General View , Hainault Forest

Similar but earlier view of that below

Hog hill, Forest Road into Romford Road.

Unused and Undated but c 1958

Publisher: Frith CGR 20

Scan with thanks to Raymond Small.



Chigwell Row 116279

Publisher and date unknown.



This is the Romford Road from Forest Road going past

New North Road and Hainault Oak towards Chigwell Row



Hainault Forest by Motor Bus.

LTM 115

This postcard is unused  and is published by the London transport Museum and shows

a poster of 1920.


A photograph taken at Lambourne End in the 20's shows the 101 bus from Woolwich which used to travel at weekends to the forest.