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Postcards from the Forest

Chigwell Row 


F.Frith & Co. Reigate CGR 13

Postmark: Woodford Green Essex. 14 JNE 1963

Postage Elizabeth II 2d. 9th International Life-boat Conference


Vicarage Lane, Chigwell Row.

Postmarked Buckhurst Hill, 9.45am. JU 6  (19)04

Postage: Edward VIII Halfpence turquoise stamp

Forest House Lodge on left of picture.




The Congregational Church, Chigwell Row

The Essex Artistic Series No. 1753

Printed and Published by

Jefferies and Co., Goodmayes, Essex.




Recreation Ground, Chigwell Row, Essex.

Card published by

M. Tolson, The Village Rest, Chigwell Row, Essex.

Undated but postal rate at this time was d inland


Pre 1918

39375 Recreation ground, Chigwell Row.  c1905 Unused, Publisher not stated. Close up of girls standing on the edge of pond.


Recreation ground, Chigwell Row. 116238.

Unposted, undated but note on reverse says 9th July 1928.

"The first early closing day."

Publisher: The Bell series, Leigh-on-sea.




Recreation Ground, Chigwell Row

Undated but about 1958


Published by Frith CGR 8

Scan with thanks to Raymond Small.










All Saints Church, Chigwell Row

Publisher unknown


Backs of cards below






Card to Miss E. Buckle    Postage Edw.VII d turquoise stamp.

 Chigwell, March 1904

Card to Miss A. Bampton  Postage Edw.VII d green stamp

Netherton, Worc. Feb.19 1906

39382  "All Saints", Chigwell Row

Judging by the Weymouth Pine outside the Church front this print would seem to be earlier than one below.

Unstamped, unaddressed but with note on the back and the date 1911. (Above)

'All Saints Church' Chigwell Row T103

Postage stamp and postmark torn.   Date? 1929.




Chigwell Row Church

No publisher.


Date c1904-10

An unusual view taken from the side showing altar window at back.


Chigwell Row, Hainault B1

Published by Cranley Commercial Calendars, Ilford, Essex.


Postmarked 29th August 1967

Postage: Elizabeth II 3d stamp.

With thanks to the Galpin family, Lambourne End for use of this card.


All Saints, Chigwell Row

Portrait photograph with motor bikes.

Postcard unused, undated and publisher not given.



    General view from Church Tower, Chigwell Row. Frith CGR 7 Unused card

    Large building at crossroads is The Maypole pub, Chigwell Row.




General view from Church Tower, Chigwell Row. Frith CGR6  Unposted.

Contemporary with the above card.

The Celebrated CARP POND attached to "THE MAYPOLE INN" Chigwell Row, J. HICKLING, Proprietor. Photo by F.Badkin.   Edward VII d light green stamp issued 1904-1910  Postmark undecipherable.




The Old Maypole Inn, Chigwell Row

Unused, unposted, undated.

No publisher.

Photo by F. Badkin





Hainault, Essex

Card mislabelled.


Should be:

Maypole Inn, Chigwell Row, Essex


Posted Chigwell Row, 9 SEP 1922


George V Three Halfpenny stamp, Brown.

in use 1921-2. Postage then reduced to 1d.


Publisher: Camp, Trinity Road, East Finchley.


Left: Close up left show sign post

and offers Good Accommodation for


Pleasure Parties






The Maypole and Gravel Lane, Chigwell Row

 Undated but c 1975 see below.

Publish by Frith's Reigate. CGR.34F




Whitehall, Chigwell Row. E.

No. 1952

Publisher: E.J. & H. Clarke. E. Finchley.


 Undated, but became a housing development in 1955




Unused and undated. Postage rate d.

Publisher M. Tolson

The Village Rest, Chigwell Row, Essex.


The Camp Site, Chigwell Row

 Posted Woodford Green 10th August 1960. Postage 2d

No publisher given.

Chigwell Row Girl Guides Assoc. Camping Ground.

Posted Woodford Green 30th July 1958

Elizabeth II 2d Red stamp.

Publisher: Frith CGR 16




Chigwell Row Girl Guides Assoc. Camping Ground.

The Swimming Pool


Publisher: Frith CGR 17



Scan with thanks to Raymond Small.




Chigwell Row Girl Guides Assoc. Camping Ground.

The Swimming Pool


Publisher: Frith CGR 18


Scan with thanks to Raymond Small

Chigwell Row, Essex

Unused and undated. Early 1900's

Publisher: M. Tolson, Chigwell Row

Chigwell Row 71794

Publisher unknown.  Postage Geo.V d 13th August 1914

Hettie writes that she cannot go far on account of war.

 UK declared war on Germany on 4th August 1914.

Stamp at this angle means "A kiss"




The Main Road, Chigwell Row

Published by Frith's Reigate. CGR.29F

Postmark: Ilford, Essex. 26 AUG 1975

Postage 5p

On the left are the old weatherboard cottages





Post Office and Stores, Chigwell Row  No. 2271


Postage Stamp: Elizabeth II 2d in use 1955 - 1957.

Publisher: A Bell photo.

The name over the shop enlarged right is Pardey & Johnson


Pardey and Johnson Stores, Chigwell Row 752

No publisher stated.

Posted Woodford Green 3rd June 1953

1p blue and 1p green Elizabeth II stamps

Above: M. TOLSON The Village Rest sold drinks, confectionary and Teas.   A. BARBER sold bread, cakes and teas.

(from an old postcard).



Left: Chigwell Row, Essex.

Undated and unused but both photos pre-1914

Published by M. Tolson, Chigwell Row.

Tolson's has the blind down





Chigwell Row

Tolson's Shop and Barber the bakers

Undated but pre 1914



Manor Road, Chigwell Row

Unused and no publisher.

Close up shows Rosery tea room and Sharpes tea room

A winter scene, but trees don't obscure the weatherboard cottages alongside.

Could this be earlier in date than the above.





The Main Road and Marden Close, Chigwell Row

Published by Frith's Reigate. CGR.27F.

Undated but c 1975 see above 

Garage is selling 4 gallons petrol with 8p off.




The Main Road (and The Two Brewers), Chigwell Row

Published by Frith's Reigate. CGR.26F.

Undated but c 1975  see above


Scan with thanks to Raymond Small.




The Schools, Chigwell Row  116237

Posted Woodford Green, 2nd August 1954

QEII 2d. brown stamp.

Real photo series




Hainault Retreat

Unused, unposted, undated.

No publisher.

39378 Hainault Retreat 

Postmarked August 13 1930 12.15pm.

Hainault Retreat stood alongside The Two Brewers, Chigwell Row.

Stamp at this angle  means "A kiss"

 Detail from the above card.




Hainault Retreat Entrance

No publisher


No date


Chigwell Row (Common) 116275

Undated, unused


The photograph below is an enlargement of the right hand of this card showing the position of the Hainault Retreat



39376 Hainhault Forest

This is a view of the Common. The old oak stood where the fenced off car park and  dog free area now stand. Note the variant spelling of Hainhault which was commonly used in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Below is a detail from the postcard. Three ladies sit on a fallen branch while two men are apparently repairing bikes.

Postcard undated and unused. No publisher marks.

c 1910

Billingbourne Cottages, Chigwell Row. No. 2267

Published by Bell's Photo Co Ltd., Westcliff-on-sea.    Postmarked 5pm 8 Oct 1955. Postage 2d.  Chigwell Row Primary School is at the far end of the cottages. In the foreground is the beginning of the Chigwell Row Common. The road signposted right is Millers Lane.




Millers Lane, Chigwell Row

Unused, undated but before 1910

Published by H. Clinch, Post Office, Chigwell Row, Essex.