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Postcards from the Forest



Greetings from Chigwell

Used. Postage: Elizabeth II 3d. Red Cross Centenery

Postmark: 6.15pm. 27th October 1963.

Publisher: F. Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate



Chigwell Church 1795

Published by E. E. Rickett, Stationer, Buckhurst Hill.

Unused, undated.


The Church, Chigwell.

Publisher unknown

Postage Edw. VII d Turquoise 1902-4. Chigwell Aug. 1904




Chigwell Hall

Undated and unused

Photographed and published by Aerofilms,

4 Albemarle Street, London W1

for No 3 District Metropolitan Police Club


See above card - The Misses Wilton were residing here in 1904.




The Rosary

Brook House, Chigwell

All three cards are unused, undated.

No publisher stated

10442 Parish Church, Chigwell

Posted Woodford Bridge 1pm De 6 (year illegible)

Edw.VII d stamp light green 1904-1910

There was a farm in Piercing Hill called "Purlieu"



Chigwell Church

Posted Sep.1 1911 Geo V. d PO not clear.

Published F.Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate


2564 The Church, Chigwell

Posted: Chigwell 19 SP 1920 Geo. V. 1p stamp

No publisher given.

Chigwell Church 39367

Posted: Chigwell Row, Woodford Green. 7th August 1915

George V halfpenny stamp green.

No publisher.

From Irene Hireson, Oak Cottage, Fence Piece, Chigwell.





S6351 St. Mary's Church, Chigwell

Undated, unused

Publisher: WHS Kingsway Real Photo series



Two postmarks: Epping 9.30am MY 11 1905

Theydon Bois MY 11 1905

Edward VII d green stamp

Publisher or photographer C.N.












Chigwell, Parish Church of St. Mary

Publisher F. Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate CGW 4

Unused and Undated.



39193. Chigwell Church

No publisher, unused and undated





Chigwell Bells

No publisher


No date




The Village - Chigwell


no publisher





78727 Chigwell, The Vicarage

Unused, unposted, undated.

Publisher: E. B. Judge's Chigwell Series


King's Head Chigwell

Posted 1906 Chigwell Row. Edw. VII d green

No publisher given




Two Cigarette cards of

The Kings' Head, Chigwell.



W.D. & H.O.WILLS. Old Inns 24/40


Richard Lloyd & Sons. Old English Inns No.7

The King's Head, Chigwell

A Raphael Tuck and Sons "Oilette" Postcard No 7489

Art Publishers to Their Majesties The King and Queen

Artist - A. W. Bridgeman

Part of a "Picturesque Counties Series 2  Undated and Unused.


I have enlarged the legend on the reverse.

 The Maypole Inn in Dickens Barnaby Rudge is thought to be synonymous with the King's Head.




Ye Olde King's Head, Chigwell

from an original watercolour by A. R. Quinton.

Published by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England.

Salmon Series no. 1567


Undated, unposted.



The Kings Head, Chigwell, Essex.

Publisher: S. Jones & Co., Woodford.

Writing illegible.

Postmark: Woodford Green 8.30pm

JA 2 (19)06


Postage: Edward VII halfpenny

Arrival of Charles Dickens at the "Kings Head" Chigwell.

Posted: Woodford Green, March 8th 1906.

Edward VII Halfpenny green.

No publisher, but coloured picture of above.



The King's Head, Chigwell.   S6350.

Kingsway Real Photo Series.

Undated but d postage inland.



What appear to be parking lines are in fact cobbled gutters.





The Kings Head

Known as The Old Maypole Inn in Barnaby Rudge

Published by H. Clinch, Post Office, Chigwell Row


A date is handwritten as May 11 1909


The King's Head, Chigwell.

The Maypole Inn of Dicken's Barnaby Rudge

Photo C.N.

Posted September 1st 1904 Wantage

Edward VII Halfpenny turquoise.




King's Head, Chigwell

Posted April 18th 1908.

Halfpenny light green, Edward VII

Publisher: 238 Charles Martin, London E.C.

39 Aldermanbury


In the later two pictures below the building has taken on a mock Tudor appearance





"Maypole Inn" of Barnaby Rudge

alias King's Head, Chigwell 

Picture from a photograph album attached to backing paper.

dated 1914


Ye Olde King's Head, Chigwell

Publisher: F.Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate. CGW 79

Posted Woodford Green 5.15pm 8 JLY 1962

Postage Elizabeth II 2d.




Chigwell, Ye Olde Kings Head. 

  Publisher: F. Frith & Co., Reigate. CGW3

Undated but possibly contemporary with above.

Not used or posted.








Chigwell Ye Olde King's Head  C1801

  Unused. Publisher: Judges Limited, Hastings, England

Undated, but car is G reg. (1968) Vauxhall Viva


Buckhurst Hill looking from Chigwell

Posted Buckhurst Hill 9.30pm 2 AP (19)14

Postage: George V One penny.

Publisher: Ernest E. Rickett, Buckhurst Hill


The stamp at this angle is thought to mean "A kiss"


The White Bridge, Chigwell

Posted Buckhurst Hill, June 4th 1905

Edward VII Halfpenny Light green .

Publisher: Field's "Essex" series. No. 47



The River Roding, Chigwell

Unposted, unused.

Publisher: Field's "Essex" series No. 323

W.A.Field, South Norwood, London S.E.




Luxboro' Lane, Chigwell  (Luxborough)

Unposted, unused.

Publisher: Field's "Essex" series No. 358-

W.A.Field, South Norwood, London S.E.




Grange Hill, Chigwell.  D.C.10.

Unused and undated

Could be early sixties.

Publisher: Cranley Commercial Calendars Ltd., Ilford, Essex.