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Postcards from the Forest




Barkingside multiview

Unposted, undated

No publisher


Barking Side Village

Publisher J. B., I, series

Postage Edw.VII halfpenny green.

Posted: Ilford 4.30pm April 25 1905



Old Chequers Inn

Tramway Ilford Broadway to Barkingside



Upside down stamp at an angle as here

could be an Edwardian coded message meaning



"Have you forgotten me"

Woman with a modern looking lady's bicycle. Boy with deep collar.

Man with watch-chain standing where McDonalds is now. The Police canteen occupied this site.

The Old Police House




The Forge, Cranbrook Road, Barkingside

demolished 1950's to build enlarged

Police Station and Car Park


Real photo of Tram at Barkingside Terminus

in Tanners Lane.

On the fence is L,N.E.R. notice pointing to Barkingside Station. The road crossing behind is Cranbrook Road.

Pictured in 1936 the Tram was built in 1924 and broken up in 1938



Real photo of Tram at Barkingside Terminus

in Tanners Lane.

Similar picture as above but taken from the opposite side of the road and showing H.L.Hawes & Sons undertakers.

Still there today



The "Chequers", Barkingside

Undated, unposted.

No publisher stated.

Bus 25a passing


The Chequers Inn, Barkingside

Unposted, undated.

Publisher: Valentine & Son Ltd. Dundee and London.

No. K661.



Mossford  Green and Holy Trinity Church, Barkingside.  No. B4

Published by Cranley Commercial Calendars Ltd

Ilford, Essex.


Undated and unused.




Fullwell Cross, Barkingside B.11.

Posted 20th May 1968

Elizabeth II Purple 3d stamp

Published by Cranley Commercial Calendars Lt. Ilford.



Fairlop Oak, Barkingside

Compare with the 1940 picture lower down.

The three cards are of the same publisher and are dated

approx. late twenties




The Broadway Barkingside.

The old cottages to the left of the picture were demolished and the New Fairlop Oak expanded.

These shop are very much unchanged in 2015.

On the right of the shops was the Maypole pictured below




The "Maypole" Barkingside.

This is now the site of the Fullwell Cross Medical Centre.

The Maypole moved to its present site near the junction of Fencepiece Road and New North Road in the early 30's

Barkingside, Fairlop Oak 82044

Posted: Ilford 13th April 1940

Stamp removed

Publisher: Photochrom Co. Ltd., Royal Tunbridge Wells

Ilford County High School for Boys and Barkingside Methodist Church, Fremantle Road, Barkingside. Flats on Mossford Green foreground built c 1960.

Built 1932-3



Fairlop Council School


Fairlop Infants school (left ground floor wing).

Fairlop Junior school (left upper floor  wing).

Fairlop Secondary School Girls (right ground floor wing).

Fairlop Secondary School, Boys (right upper floor wing).


Opened 31st August 1933.





Fulwell Hatch

No publisher, undated and unused.

Fairlop Football Club 1935/6. Published by Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. Photocard. (Approx 3x2 inches)

The Children's Church, Girls Village Home.


Publisher: Dr Barnardo's Homes

Posted: Sandown, Isle of Wight. 30 August 1928

Postage: 2 x halfpenny green George V




Dr. Barnardo's Homes.

A view of the Girl's Homes, Barkingside


Posted Watton, Norfolk. September 4th 1908

Halfpenny Light Green, Edward VII





National Waifs Association (Dr Barnardo's Homes)

Queen Victoria House

Girl's Village Home, Barkingside, Essex.


Posted Croydon. March 11th 1909

Halfpenny Light Green Edward VII



Queen Victoria House now houses the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths




Funeral procession of late Dr Barnardo leaving Barkingside Railway station




39201 Railway Cottages, Barkingside

Great Eastern Railway

Publisher: Bell's Photo Co. Ltd., Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Posted November 5th 1907

Half-penny Light green Edward VII