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Postcards from the Forest




Scenes of Interest in and around Abridge

Viewcard exclusively produced for Abridge Post Office

D & D Viewcard Series

Printed in England

Undated, uuposted



Posted: Epping 8pm Oct 8 (19)06

Postage: Edward VII Halfpenny light green

Publisher: A. B. Davis Ltd. Epping and Loughton No. 87

Abridge Ex.  

Publisher or ? Photographer: A. Close

Postmark: Abridge JA 26 1907  Edward VII Halfpenny light green.

Detailed here, is from a faded sepia postcard.

The shop on the left is W. Krailing Baker and confectioner


Abridge Village

Unused and undated

Similar scene to the above.

Publisher unknown.



The shops from the left are W. Krailing, T. Whiting and R. Dunham. On the right is the White Hart Inn, Charrington & Co. Entire.




Unused and undated but possibly c1907

Publisher:  Epping Stationery Stores No. 32










Small detail of above card:

On the right is a cart labelled Riggs Retreat which is standing outside Riggs Retreat a popular place for afternoon teas and non-alcoholic refreshments. They were well attended by Churches and Temperance Societies in late Victorian times and well into the 20th century.

On the left a stableman is leading two horses.

The children dressed in their Sunday clothes may be on a Sunday School outing to or from Riggs Retreat.  There were several Riggs Retreats in the area at Chingford, Buckhurst Hill, High Beech and Theydon Bois.


Riggs Retreat

Postcard undated and unused.

Probably a little later than the above images.

No publisher given.

Riggs Retreat shows C T C  above which is the Cyclists Tourist Club of GB

A note on the back notes Brightys' Café, the most distant.

Property of Bertram Brighty

The Village, Abridge   A.B.E. 20

Posted: Loughton 27th August 1959. Elizabeth II 4d. blue.

Published by F.Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate.





Published by Chas. Riggs, Abridge


Undated but similar vintage and subject to above.

45558 Abridge

George V ˝d stamp. Posted Abridge Nov 10 1913

No publisher.

Stamp placed at this angle means "A kiss"

Above: Detail from the card above showing early motor bike and sidecar.

Above right: The White Hart, Abridge. Unused and undated (possibly the fifties)  Publisher unknown



Published by Epping Stationery Stores. No. 33

Used but not posted

Edwardian postcard.


The "White Hart" Inn, Abridge

Publisher: C.N.

Posted: Woodford April 18 1906

Edw. VII Halfpenny (light green).


                     The Bridge, Abridge

                          No publisher given

       George V Halfpenny stamp  September 6th 1911



The Bridge, Abridge

Same photograph as above except coloured.

Publisher: Alfred B. Davis Ltd., Epping and Loughton

Stamp and Date mark removed




45550 Abridge

(the Bridge over the Roding, and rear of the White Hart).


Publisher unknown.


Not postally used.



  The Bridge, Abridge 

Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd. ABE 13

Undated and Unused.



                   Old Mill House near Abridge

                  Published by Chas. Riggs, Abridge

              Posted, Edward VII One Penny red stamp

                Stapleford Tawney 6th October 1904

                 Haarlem, Holland 7th October 1904