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Postcards from the Forest

Havering atte Bower

GREETINGS from Havering-atte-Bower  128067

Undated, unused. Publisher unknown.


Havering-Atte-Bower, Essex, England

Unused, undated.

A Focus Card FCC/1012

The Lodge,13 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex.


Legend on reverse of card




Village Green, Havering-atte-Bower

1131 No publisher given.

Undated, unused.




Havering-atte-Bower, The Green and Vicarage

No publisher, undated and unused.

Printed in Saxony

The Stocks, Havering-atte-Bower

Publisher. C.N.

 Posted: Romford June 24th 1904. Edward VII Halfpenny turquoise.

Message: We met but not in a crowd.

Upside down stamp meaning: "My heart is given to another, write to me no more".





Ye Olde Stocks, Havering-atte-Bower

Unused and undated. Edwardian.

No publisher given.

An opposite view to the above.






The Stocks, Havering-atte-Bower

7352 Publisher not known

Undated, unused.





Old Stocks Havering atte Bower   363



No publisher



Stocks at Havering-atte-Bower

Epping Forest Series

Undated, unused.

"Utility" Co. Ltd.

Phototyped in Berlin



Stocks and Whipping Post, Havering Green

Unused and undated. Edwardian.

Published by H. A. Nelson, High Street, East Ham.

Local View Series.




The Stocks, Havering, nr. Romford

Embossed card, Printed in Germany

Published by H.W.Rawlings, 12 South Street, Romford.

Undated and unused.

Havering Green and Stocks

Unused and Undated. Edwardian.

No publisher given.


The Stocks, Havering

Unposted, Undated but Edwardian close up.

"M. P. C. series."


Havering, The Stocks

Postage Edward VII d. Light green.

Postmarked:  Romford 8.30am AU 8 (19)08

Published by A.H.Burgess 6 South Street, Romford.

Frith's Series


Havering atte Bower 71746

Posted Romford 7th August

Year unclear

George V Green Halfpenny stamp (side face)



Romford Havering Church

Unused and Undated

Inland postage at the time d

Edwardian, summer view of card below.

No publisher given.





Havering-atte-Bower Church, Exterior

The R.A.P. Co. Ltd., London. E.C.4

Published by E. Hance

Post Office, Havering, Romford


Unused and undated.

Havering Church

No publisher given

Posted: Leytonstone 12.15AM OCT 16 1905

Postage Edward VII d light green







 Havering Church, Havering Green

Unused and undated but similar to above. Edwardian

Published by H. A. Nelson, High Street, East Ham. Local View Series.

Coloured. Summer scene




St. John's Church, Havering-atte-Bower

Undated and unused.

No publisher given

Similar view to others.



Havering atte Bower Church 101850

Unused and undated.

Publisher: Bells, Leigh on Sea.

Photographed from a slightly different angle to the above and probably at a later than the above.


Havering atte Bower Church  71749

No publisher given.

Postage 1p. Postmark: Havering Oct 6 1920

Very similar view to that below.




Havering-atte-Bower Church

Unused and undated, but see above..

Published by E. Hance, Post Office, Havering, Romford.

Printed by R. A. P, Co., Ltd. London. EC4.



The Bower House, Havering-atte-Bower

Publisher E. Hance, Post Office, Havering, Romford.

The R. A. P. Co., Ltd. London E.C.4.


Unused and Undated

The Orange Tree Hotel, Havering

Published by E & C Cotton, London S.W.

Posted: 8th December 1907.

Edward VII d Light green stamp.

 Claude is wishing Miss Smith "Many Happy Returns" and the angle of the stamp suggests he is asking her "Do you love me dearest?"



                          HAVERING VILLAGE

                           showing The Red Lion inn

                    Posted Havering 13th September 1905

                   Edward VII Light green halfpenny stamp

                               Publisher not stated.