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Spiders and Harvestmen

Order Araneae SPIDERS

17.10.08     Webs in Autumn     12.10.08




Above and left: This is a Labyrinth spider Agelena labyrinthica which builds a tunnel type web low in grassland. Hoghill.

Photos Michael Rumble 21st July 2012




Left and below:

Comb foot spider Enoplognatha ovata spider on Ragwort with hoverfly prey Eristalis arbustorum  Hoghill. 6th August 2012.


Left: Michael Rumble

White death spider Misumena vatia on Yarrow with prey item a Tachinid fly Phasia hemiptera. Hoghill 4th August 2012. Phasia hemiptera was kindly identified by "Torcross" of the NHM website Nature Plus.  Photographs Michael Rumble

White death spider Misumena vatia 20 June 2013  Michael Rumble

Yellow coloured Misumena vatia on foxglove 23 June 2013

Common Crab Spider  Michael Rumble

12.6.07 On oak 

Yellow form of Misumena vatia female on oak leaf with a captured hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus.

CROSS SPIDER Araneus diadematus.

Abdomen length 13mm. Varies in colour from black to orange. On Turkey oak. 15th Oct. 2006.

CROSS SPIDER Araneus diadematus.

Abdomen length 13mm. Varies in colour from black to orange. On the farm. 11th Oct. 2005.

27.6.05 On oak

7.6.07 On oak

 WASP SPIDER Argiope bruennichi female.

One of two females seen on Latchford Meadow Abdomen 15mm. Photo: 20th August 2005.

CUCUMBER SPIDER  Araniella cucurbitina.

Female on underside of oak leaf with egg mass. Hog Hill. 5th May 2007.


SPIDER Tegenaria agrestis. Recent arrival in the area. Found in nest box in Hainault Lodge.

10th December 2006.

RUSH SPIDER Tetragnatha sp. on a rush by Hainault Lake. Photo: 5th Sept. 2005.

CUCUMBER SPIDER Araniella cucurbitina Male on oak leaf. Hog Hill. 5th May 2007.

WHITE DEATH SPIDER Misumena vatia Female. On bramble. Often lies in wait on white or yellow flowers. Hainault Lodge. 16th May 2000

 SPIDER with nest and spiderlings. July 2000


SPIDER Neoscona adiata on grass stem 29th August 2000


Order Opiliones HARVESTMEN

HARVESTMEN Near relative of spiders. Have two eyes, compared to spiders 6-8 eyes. No silk glands or spinners.

COMMON HARVESTMAN Phalangium opilio on Turkey oak, Hog Hill. 7th September 2010.

       HARVESTMAN Phalangium opilio underside of above 7th September 2010                       HARVESTMAN Leiobunum rotundum on bramble

  HARVESTMAN Rilaena triangularis female on Alder, on Farm.