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Written, Designed and with Photographs by Brian Ecott


Mollusca SLUGS and SNAILS

Above: SLUG  Arion ater rufus Brown form. 10cm. The mantle is at the front end and the respiratory pore can be seen. The foot fringe is orange. On gravel path. 18th September 2007. Above right: Dark form 3rd September 2007.


BROWN LIPPED SNAIL  Cepheae nemoralis This species is variable in colour and banding with occasionally a white lip.

Left: Michael Rumble  4th June 2013,                         Right: On notice board 30th May 2012


White lipped snail Cephaea hortensis 30th June 2013 (Left).

White lipped snail Cepheae hortensis. Photo:    Vic George (Right)

This species is variable  in colour and banding.



Left: GARDEN SNAIL Helix aspersa in hedgerow on Field maple. 



Aquatic Molluscs



RAMSHORN SNAIL Planorbis sp.

20mm across.

Common in Roe's well.

Photo: July  2004


GREAT POND SNAIL Lymnaea stagnalis.

A large snail up to 55mm in length. Lays sausage-shaped gelatinous masses of eggs on stems and under leaves of water plants.  Common in Roe's well. Photo: July 2004 Feeds on algae which it rasps from the surface of plants and rocks. It will also eat animal matter.




Lymnaea peregra.

20mm length. Plentiful in Sheepwater. Like the other snails illustrated here they need to rise to the surface to obtain oxygen.

Photo: July 2004  Sheepwater