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Written, Designed and with Photographs by Brian Ecott



Hairy-footed flower bee Anthophora plumipes male 17th May 2011. Photo Michael Rumble. Identification: Peter Harvey.

CUCKOO BEE Nomada sp. a parasite of mining bee Adrena sp. photographed on a blackberry leaf. Michael Rumble 24th June 2012. Nomada uses the nest of Adrena and feeds on the hosts food and later on its larvae as well.

Bumble bee Bombus terrestris nectaring on Bramble

Photo Michael Rumble    20th July 2013


Newly emerged Queen in Lambourne Wood. 13th March 2007.

CUCKOO BUMBLEBEE: Bombus vestalis male on teasel.

Photo: 1st August 2006. Farm.

Thanks to Nick Owen for ID correction



Small BUMBLEBEE Bombus humilis male 14th October 2011

Honey bee worker on Michaelmas daisy showing pollen sack. 14th Oct 2011

TREE WASP Vespula sylvestris chewing on rotten wood 18th October 2008


German wasp Vespula germanica collecting wood from fence post  
The worker German wasps Vespula germanica are feeding on Ragwort above. The picture above right clearly shows the primitive eyes or ocelli between the eyes mentioned above in connection with he Hornet. Photos 14th August 2013. Michael Rumble

The Hornet Vespa crabro far left appears to be caught in a spiders web, but the middle picture shows that it feeding on the spiders prey parcels. The Hornet is a large wasp but can be distinguished by its brown thorax and brown-yellow markings. Above, between the compound eyes can be seen three tiny ocelli or primitive eyes. 27th September 2013.

Photos Michael Rumble.

Wild bees with nest in an old oak tree. 6th May 2013

COMMON WASP Vespula vulgaris nest hanging from roof of farm building.

Tortrix moth caterpillars dropping to the ground on the ends of gossamer threads were being investigated by black ants.  31st May 2013





Small Ichneumon fly ? Lissonota sp. 25th July 2013

ICHNEUMON FLY Lissonota setosa  on nettle. Photo: 14th May 2008.



Above left: Stem of Dog rose showing where the Rose sawfly's ovipositor has cut and drilled holes in rose stem. Heathland. 1st August 06.

Above right: Rose sawfly larvae, on

Dog rose. Two sputnik galls present.

Hainault Lodge. Photo: 26.06.05

ROSE SAWFLY Arge ochropus egg laying on dog rose 1st Aug 06. Above: Rose sawfly larva eating Dog-rose leaves.




Rhadinoceraea micans on Iris leaf, Hainault Lodge. Photo: 26.6.05





Periclista lineolata a pest of oak trees. Photo: 22 May 2005.

IRIS SAWFLY LARVA Rhadinoceraea micans chewing iris leaves 4.07.04

Voracious larvae of Hazel Sawfly Croesus septentrionalis on Hazel leaf, left.

Close up of Hazel sawfly larvae above. 13th September 2012.

Above and below:  Sawfly Rhogogaster viridis -  a pair on a poplar twig. Photographs 17th July 2003